Saturday, September 22, 2012

What shape is this?

We have been exploring different shapes and thier features.  We made a movie about our shapes.  Can you guess which shape we are talking about?  Listen for clues about how many sides and corners they have.

Shape Movie from Amy Polaschek on Vimeo.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Look at all the spelling practice we did this week!  Our words stretched across the room!

Sense Poems

We have been learning about living things and MRS GREN (movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion, nutrition).  To clarify and deepen our thinking about how living things are sensitive, we have been exploring our own senses.  Here are some of the sense poems we wrote about our brainfood.  We had to do lots of thinking about all 5 senses and use interesting words to describe them.  We had to take care to  present our work carefully and neatly.  We hope you enjoy our poems!

We are working on writing more sense poems this week and getting better at including all the senses and using describing words!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Living and Giving!

We have started our Term 3 inquiry, Living and Giving.  We are looking at what is living and what is not living.  What makes something living?  Here is our first thinking.  We wonder how our thinking will change as we learn more about living things?

Things we think are living...

Things we think are not living...
Here is some of our thinking about what makes something living.

A ladybug is living because it sleeps in the day and moves at night.  A cat is living because it grows whiskers and can move.  Ethan
A cat lives somewhere.  It moves.  Fish swim.  Ajay
A sheep can walk and move and sleep.  A butterfly can fly.  Amilea
A flower is alive because it blows in the wind.  A cow is because it can walk.   Hollie
A mum sheep has babies.   Finn

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cross Country

We practised over several weeks.  Each time we could run a little bit further!  We learned not to go too fast in the beginning so we could last the whole distance.  On the day we persevered and made it to the end.  Well done everyone!

Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Groups we belong to!

Make your own slide show at Animoto.

We bought along to school something that represents a group we belong to.  Can you see people who like horses?  Members of a rugby team?  A hip hop dancer?  We think our class is a great group to belong to too!  Please complete the form below.